In the Spotlight: After 7's Timeless Legacy

From their inception in the late '80s to their resounding impact today, After 7's musical journey is one marked by passion, persistence, and unparalleled artistry. As stalwarts in the R&B landscape, they've effortlessly blended soulful harmonies with chart-topping hits, etching their legacy in music history.


  • After 7 in Rolling Out

    After 7 is easily one of the most beloved R&B groups of all time with timeless tracks such as “Ready or Not” and “Can’t Stop” to their credit in the late 80s and early 90s ...

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  • After 7 in Soul Tracks

    It’s been four years since  popular 90s R&B vocal group After 7 made a triumphant return with Timeless ,an excellent album that reconnected them with their adult ...

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  • After 7 in Music Group

    After 7 publish their new single, and first release in almost 5 years, with ‘Bittersweet’. The announcement today is also backed by the Team publishing a release ...

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  • After 7 in Albumism

    “We’ve always remained down-to-earth, approachable guys after 20-plus years in this business.” It’s a high-pitched assertion that Keith Mitchell, one-third of the multi-talented ...

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After 7's Rhythms of Resilience

From their groundbreaking debut in the late '80s to their contemporary chart-toppers, After 7 remains a beacon of enduring and unparalleled R&B artistry. Widely regarded as one of the most consistent groups in R&B, their legacy is embellished with 9 consecutive Top 10 UAC singles since 2016. Their current single, "The Day," featuring Stokely from Mint Condition, is resonating globally, now at #8 on UAC.

Beyond their hits, their multi-platinum selling status and numerous accolades, including the prestigious President’s Award from Joe Biden, are testaments to their impact and influence. Notably, they're the siblings of the legendary Kenny 'Babyface' Edmonds, further accentuating their deep roots in the music industry.

Live, they're an electrifying force, delivering over 50 concerts annually, and their reach isn't limited to the stage or the charts. They've made significant imprints in the film industry, recently being featured on the soundtrack of "Dahmer - The Jeffrey Dahmer Story."

Each song, each performance, each accolade, tells the tale of a group whose melodies have not only topped charts but have also captured hearts worldwide. Dive deeper and discover the narrative behind every soulful note and harmonious lyric of After 7.